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More comprehensive, faster and better! Maersk reorganizes Far East-Africa route to smoothly expand African business


As African countries promote economic integration and infrastructure construction is in full swing, the potential of Africa's market economy is infinitely expanded. Many Asian customers focus on Africa's rich physical resources and huge economic growth potential, and plan Asia-Africa trade into their expansion blueprint.

Maersk's shipping services have emerged and updated accordingly. It recently announced that starting from the first week of December, FEW2, FEW3 and FEW6 will implement new shipping routes. At the same time, a new feeder service - Cape Town Express, will be launched. This spur will connect to the updated SAFARI service. Maersk FEW (Far East-West Africa) service is committed to improving cost competitiveness and seizing African market share with better connectivity, higher reliability and faster transportation efficiency.

Singapore – Tanjung Perapas – Lome – Apapa – Onne – Cotonou – Singapore

For the basic port in West Africa, Maersk will design a restructured route for the Nigerian market, which covers Apapa and Ona. At the same time, it will leverage the exclusive China Express Line to connect the Far East to African ports through Tanjung Pelepas, creating the strongest market Nigeria hotline.

Qingdao – Guangyang – Shanghai – Ningbo – Shekou – Nansha – Singapore – Tanjong Pelepas – Tema – Lekki – Abidjan – Pointe Noire – Colombo – Singapore – Xiamen – Qingdao

Maersk will cease the FEW1 route and integrate it with the original FEW3 route into the upgraded FEW3 route, covering Tema, Lekki, Abidjan and Pointe-Noire. The upgraded FEW3 route will deploy 13,000teu ships to connect major ports in Asia and Africa. This is the largest ship deployed by Maersk in sub-Saharan Africa.

Qingdao – Shanghai – Ningbo – Nansha – Tanjung Pelepas – Singapore – Point Noire – Kribi – Rwanda – Walvis Bay – Singapore – Qingdao

After removing the Cape Town port, the FEW6 route will provide more shipping space to the South Port of West Africa and add a new call to Kribi, greatly improving the import and export shipping schedule and punctuality rate, making Asian ports and South West African ports The shipping time between the two is shortened by 7 days, improving overall service reliability for customers.

Port Louis – Cape Town – Port Louis

Maersk has established a branch line between Port Louis and Cape Town, the Cape Town Express, to cover the import and export of Cape Town. This will improve the punctuality and safety of Cape Town services and meet the needs Steady freight demand between Port Louis and Cape Town.

Shanghai-Ningbo-Shekou-Tanjong Perapas-Port Louis-Durban-Port Louis-Tanjong Perapas

The SAFARI route will add a northbound route to Port Louis and, combined with the Cape Town Express service, will provide a direct connection between Cape Town exports, including reefers, and Asian markets. This upgrade aims to enhance the punctuality and stability of South African routes and boost the growth of the South African market.

Maersk’s route update ensures seamless and reliable connections between the Far East and West Africa, while providing more comprehensive coverage and shorter transit times. For South Africa, which is facing congestion, Maersk will also be connected through a dedicated branch line in Port Louis and decoupled from the FEW service to improve reliability and transit time.

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