​Out of Gauge Container Solution for Large Equipment Sea Freight to Luanda


SPEED has always been adhering to the purpose of meeting customer needs and serving customers in a friendly manner.

Due to our rich experience in sea freight from China to Africa, our customer chose SPEED without hesitation in charge of the shipment for a 10-meter-long, 3.5-meter-wide, 4.5-meter-high, 32-ton excavator to Luanda, Africa.

We immediately started researching a solution. Considering the large size and heavy weight of excavators, as well as the time urgency of traditional container cannot totally satisfy the transportation needs. So we have listed a variety of sea freight solutions such as bulk container and out of gauge container-frame container. Among the many solutions, Our client finally chose frame container.

There are mainly three reasons for why we chose frame container:

Frame container is a out of gauge container with special design, of which the biggest feature is to break through the loading limit of traditional container. The loading and unloading operations of traditional container can only be done by opening the container door , while frame container can achieve multi-angle loading and unloading operations, which is more suitable for large equipment such as excavators. After loading and unloading is completed, lock and secure the surrounding frames to complete the loading.

Compared with the unstable shipping schedule of bulk container, the shipping schedule of frame container is more stable, which can better satisfy the needs of customers for the arrival time.

In addition, the bottom of the frame container is made of ultra-thick steel, which can withstand the weight of very heavy items, ensuring the safety of the sea freight of goods. Therefore, frame container is ideal for transporting heavy goods such as excavator, steel beams, or other large equipments.

After showing the solution and explaining the above reasons to the customer, the customer gave a high evaluation of our solution with a huge satisfaction and immediately  arranged to deliver the goods to the port. Then, we began to offer a full range of services throughout the sea freight process.

Firstly we carried out a professional inspection of the excavator to ensure it is in a good condition. In the loading process, we reinforce frame container and provide safe and reliable warehousing and lifting services to ensure that the stability and safety of the excavator.

Responsible for customs declaration, we work closely with the customs departments and agencies to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly. In addition, we also provide  tracking services, so that customers can constantly know the status of the shipment.

Through the professional China to Africa logistics services of SPEED, the excavator was very smoothly transported to Luanda, Africa. We are transparent in our communications with our customers in the whole process. We timely update the sea freight status of the goods to our customer and actively solve any problems encountered. We not only ensure that the goods arrive at the destination safely and on time, but also reduce sea freight costs and improve sea freight efficiency for customers. The comprehensive service of SPEED allows customers to feel highly reliable, rest assured , and experience high-quality China to Africa logistics and sea freight services.

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