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Douala Cameroon Shipping Overview


Douala Cameroon Shipping Overview
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The shipping from Guangzhou to Cameroon mainly refers to the shipping from Guangzhou to Douala, which is a West African shipping. The shipping time from Guangzhou to Douala is about 38 days. Shipping companies mainly include MSK, CMA, HJ, NYK, etc.
Cameroon is a large agricultural country. More than 70% of the country’s population are agricultural producers. The country has more fertile land and diverse crop varieties. Food processing products are also an important part of Cameroon’s seaborne exports. It has made a significant contribution to the import and export of agricultural products. Cameroon is also known as the "Granary of Central Africa". Douala Maritime Port is the largest port in Cameroon, and its annual cargo throughput accounts for more than 95% of the country's total port cargo.