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Port of Nansha runs fully automated container terminal


GUANGZHOU's Port of Nansha has opened  the fisrt  teminal in the Pearl River Delta with h automated gantry cranes and sel-driving trucks, reports the Ameican Jounal of Transportation.

The new terminal has a designed annual throughput capacty of 4.9 milion TEU.The anual contaier throughput of the entire Nansha port is execed to exceed 24 millon TEU.

The terminal is part of the fourth phase of the moderniisation project at the Port of Nansha which will combinemultimodal services related to sea, river and railway service in the area, according to Guangzhou Port Group (GPG). The fourth phase of the port also includes four 100,000-tonne berths and supporting container barge berths.

Construction of the new terminal began in late2018, having integrated advanced technologiessuch as Beidou navigation, 5G communications, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles, 'The terminal, which features smart and independent operations and low-carbon emissions, has contributed to the promotion of automatedwharf technology," said GPG chairman Li Yibo.

Mr Li added that with the onset of operations, the new telrminal will be integrated with the Nansha port's other termvinals to form a specialised and large-scale terminal cluster, helping to greatly improve the port's handling capacity. 

Nansha's state of the art automated terminal complements their new international logisstics facility that offers both dry and cold walehousing along with their new on-dock rail.

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