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Saudi Arabia Planning to Build 59 Logistics Centers by 2030


The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and chairman of the Supreme Committee for Transport and Logistics Services, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, unveiled a plan August 27 to construct 59 logistics centers throughout the Kingdom by 2030. The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Transport and Logistics Services said the centers will develop the Kingdom's logistics sector while helping diversify the country’s economy.

The Master Logistics Center Plan details the construction of 59 centers across the Kingdom that have a total capacity exceeding 1.07 billion square feet. Twelve of the logistics centers will be located in the capital of Riyadh. Another 12 will be based in the Makkah region southwest of the capital. Seventeen more will be constructed in the Eastern Province while the final 18 will strategically be placed throughout the Kingdom’s remaining regions.

“The logistics services sector represents a promising pillar for economic and developmental diversity in the Kingdom,” reads a statement from the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Transport and Logistics Services. “It is witnessing a range of qualitative initiatives and significant developments aimed at achieving a substantial leap in sectoral growth and expanding its economic and developmental contributions. The Ministry of Transport and Logistics Services (MOTLS) operates by a model that seeks to develop the logistics services industry, enhance export strategies, expand investment opportunities and establish partnerships with the private sector.”

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