Dedicated execution team for planning support on cost and operational efficiency

By taking advantages of the expertise for years , our team can overcome all kinds of difficulties during the forwarding process. Speed adheres to the thinking of adopting the optimal strategies, digging deep into the actual situation, and acting in close coordination with competent department during the whole process of forwarding. 

By adopting the optimal shipping the strategies, SPEED is proud to work out efficient solutions in every key section during the forwarding process. One of our significant client needed to transport a batch of PLY wood to Angola, which size is 4 meters long, 3 meters wide, 3.5 meters high. With such large size and vast quantity of the pieces, we face with the challenges shown as follows: 
1.High costs caused by the oversize and overload of the goods; 
2.Insufficient loading capacity of the port; 
3.Uncertainty of the safety of the goods during shipment;
4.Customs clearance negotiation difficulties in addition to special permits due to the oversized aspect

After making further communication and knowing details from the situation, Speed provided the client with customized transportation solution. By adopting the strategy of bulk transportation, we save huge cost and successfully completing the whole process by: 
1.highly increasing the uploading efficiency after taking into consideration the larger cabin entrance of the cargo ship. 
2.loading in alternate hold to ensure concentrated load, enabling stronger hull structure to hold the goods safely; 
3.proficient customs negotiation skills to ensure smooth customs clearance; 
4.coordination with our local logistics service team to complete the process including unloading, warehousing, and inland transportation, ensuring timely delivery.

In the end, it took only three days to complete the services including delivery to port, cargo concentration in port, customs declaration and release, making it cheaper for shipping, enabling higher safety of the goods, and ensuring timeliness of the delivery. 

Customer remarks: “Speed Logistics assures me of the professional and responsible service it provides. As I have been in Angola for years, I do not know much about the transportation process in China. However, the people in charge from Speed Logistics has been actively communicating with me and giving real-time feedback on relevant progress, and chaos occurs in the whole process. The cooperation with Speed Logistics went smoothly, which makes me feeling confident in future cooperation. ”

SPEED team devoted to provide comprehensive logistics solutions and operations to our clients. 

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