Ensuring Timely shipping for Engineering Project in Luanda


In world of logistics and transportation, meeting customer needs and surpassing expectations are imperative. When a foreign engineering company urgently required a shipment of excavators for their pivotal projects with a demanding timeline and unwavering delivery requisites. They found us through a friend’s recommendation and pinned their hopes on our professional logistics services to ensure that the goods could arrive at their destination on time.

In response to the customer’s exigencies, we orchestrated a comprehensive logistics blueprint. Recognizing the urgency of the project’s timeline and the necessity of adhering to stringent delivery schedules, we devised a customized approach. Employing a methodical disassembly strategy, we divided the excavators into three components: the base, the boom and arm, and the bucket. With the entire excavator weighing in at 35 tons, and the port’s crane lifting capacity hovering around 28 tons, disassembly was imperative. Our team presented the client with meticulous disassembly recommendations, processing with the operation upon securing their full agreement.

To guarantee the prompt and punctual arrival of the cargo, we organized a stand on vessel tailored to the client’s specifications and provided professional advice on booking. Throughout the entire transportation process, our communication with the client remained unwavering transparent. We update the transportation status of goods in a timely manner, keep customers informed of the progress of goods transportation, and actively solve problems when encountered.

From Tianjin Port to Luanda Port in Angola, a mere 37 days transpired before the cargo was triumphantly delivered to the customer. The customer is very satisfied with our logistics service and is particularly grateful for our professional ability and outstanding performance. As a logistic service provider, SPEED will continue to strive to provide high-quality logistics services to safeguard customers’ engineering projects.

SPEED is committed to consistently providing high-quality logistics services and will continue to utilize our expertise to support and enhance our customers’ engineering projects. Regardless of the project’s scale, we will make every effort to ensure more efficient and safer cargo transportation, creating greater value for our customers.

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