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Cosco supports accelerated shore power infrastructure promotion


COSCO group has joined forces in a collaborative endeavour aimed at promoting the widespread adoption of shore power technology, reports Rotterdam's Offshore Power.

This partnership comes at a pivotal moment, as global endeavours intensify to achieve the goals of carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality, said the report.

It aligns with the requirements of the International Maritime Organisation's (IMO) MARPOL Convention,which addresses international shipping regulations concerning carbon intensity.

Shore power, often called"cold ironing," involves connecting docked ships to the local electrical grid.

This allows vessels to switch off their auxiliary engines and rely on cleaner and more environmentally sustainable onshore electricity.

By doing so,the practice significantly reduces the greenhouse gas emissions traditionally

generated when ships are berthedthereby contributing to the broader objective of lowering carbon footprints within the maritime sector.

In a joint statement, they urge port operators to expedite the construction of shore power supply facilities.

The trio emphasises the importance of maintaining uninterrupted operations of these facilities and optimizing berth schedules to provide shore power services to vessels at the dock.

Additionally, the alliance underscores the proactive role that shipping liners must play in this endeavour.

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