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Japan shipping giant MOL launches warehouse operation in Nairobi


MLG's Nairobi Warehouse boasts a comprehensive licence allowing the handling of food, medicines and liquor,reports the American Journal of Transportation.

Its strategic location offers optimal international logistics access, positioned just a short 15-minute drive from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Kenya's largest airport,and adjacent to Nairobi's Inland Container Depot.

Within Kenya, the Japanese shipping giant MOL maintains a strong presence through its local subsidiary, MOL Shipping (Kenya) Ltd and MLG's Nairobi Branch, which extends ocean and air forwarding services to and from Africa.

In May 2023, MOL entered into a memorandum of understanding for a strategic alliance with General Cargo Service Limited(GCS Velogic), the logistics subsidiary of Velogic a part of the Mauritius-based conglomerate Rogers Group.

This collaboration enables the joint provision of comprehensive logistics services, encompassing forwarding,customs clearance, warehouse management, and land transport, not only in Kenya but also in neighboring countries.

As articulated in the Blue Action 2035

management plan's portfolio and regional strategies, the MOL Group is committed to diversifying and expanding its non-shipping ventures, particularly in emerging markets like Africa.

The group remains dedicated to exploring opportunities and growth prospects across Africa.

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