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Yantai Port has increased to Uganda Direct Airlines Marine Route


Recently, under the site supervision of Yantai Customs, the first batch of 15,000 cubic meters of equipment in the first batch of 15,000 square meters of the Chinese Sea Oil Uganda Cuisine Oil Field Drilling Project took the "Jiangyuan Runzhou" wheel. This is the first flight to Yantai Port to the Uganda direct sailities line, marking the comprehensive expansion and upgrading of Yantai Port China -Africa -African Logistics Golden Channel.

In order to ensure the smooth opening of the new route, Yantai Customs has set up special classes for the establishment of business backbones. They docking in advance of departments such as ports, ship agents, receiving and receiving goods, etc., fully understand corporate demands, help solve problems such as customs clearance, inspection, etc., and implement convenient measures such as "direct shipbuilding '" "direct installation of Hong Kong". Ensure the rapid customs clearance of goods.

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