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The logic of port investment in emerging markets such as Africa, India, and South America is becoming a new trend.


Recently, China Merchants Port and COSCO Shipping Ports successively released their financial results for the first half of 2023.

COSCO Shipping Ports stated in its financial report that since 2023, the world economic recovery has been weak. In order to curb high inflation, major economies have tightened monetary policies, exacerbating the contraction of global demand.

The global manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) new export orders index continues to be in the contraction range, and the global trade downturn will inevitably affect China's import and export growth.

Despite the pressure, my country's foreign trade has obvious characteristics of strong resilience and vitality. Under the influence of various measures to stabilize foreign trade, China's share of global exports has remained basically stable in the first half of 2023.

It can be said that despite the complex and severe external environment and the slowdown in global trade and investment, the operation of COSCO Shipping Ports is still remarkable.

Similarly, in terms of China Merchants Port, after a new round of personnel adjustments, the corporate strategy is destined to be continued and fine-tuned in the future.

Although China Merchants Port\COSCO Shipping Ports have different strategies in port strategic layout, the track is the same, and they are also backed by the Chinese economy and global trade.

Judging from the current status and trends of shipping development, in the first half of 2023, the contradiction between supply and demand in the container shipping market has intensified, container shipping volume has declined slightly, the supply of shipping capacity has accelerated, and new container ships have entered a concentrated delivery period.

In the long term, uncertainties in global economic growth will increase, China's economic growth and exports will remain resilient, and global industrial and supply chains will continue to be reshaped, and the port industry will inevitably be affected.

In other words, whether China Ports is the main battlefield or China Merchants Ports and COSCO Shipping Ports, whose latest strategy is to go global, will face the impact of the international market and the comprehensive suppression of geopolitics.

In the future, port mergers and acquisitions for developed countries such as Europe and the United States will no longer be easy. The logic of port investment in emerging markets such as Africa, India, and South America is becoming a new trend.

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