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Nigeria’s Lekki Deep Water Port – “Expanding the space for Nigeria’s import and export trade”

At night, the 2.5-kilometer breakwater made of huge rocks stretches out into the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean like a huge arm, embracing Nigeria's Lekki deep-water port. The lights in the harbor are bright and peaceful. Five blue robotic arms are unloading containers full of goods from the container ship and placing them accurately in the giant 450,000-square-meter yard. Goods from all over the world continue to enter Nigeria from here...

The Lekki Deep Water Port, built by China Harbor Engineering Company, is the first port development project in Africa by a Chinese enterprise to integrate holding investment, construction and operation. It was officially put into commercial operation in April this year. Lekki Deep Water Port is Nigeria's first modern deep water port and one of the largest ports in West Africa. It has an annual design handling capacity of 1.2 million TEUs and can accommodate the world's largest container ships, effectively meeting the needs of the Nigerian shipping market. When attending the opening ceremony of the port, the then President of Nigeria, Buhari, said that the Lekki Deepwater Port will open up a new situation for Nigeria's economic development, effectively promote the export of Nigerian products, and will also create a large number of job opportunities and help the government achieve its poverty reduction goals.

Yann, Director of Terminal Operations at Lekki Port, is from France. He admired the modern equipment and advanced development concepts of Lekki Port: “Lekki Port has expanded the space for Nigeria’s import and export trade, and won Nigeria’s first international trade agreement at Lekki Port. After receiving the transit qualification, I have more confidence in it becoming a shipping hub in West Africa." Ladoja, director of Lekki Port Company, said that China is Nigeria's true friend, and port cooperation under the framework of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative "makes the prosperous port The world is closer to us."

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