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Shipping schedule reliability improves, Maersk wins again


Sea-Intelligence has released the 146th edition of its Global Liner Performance (GLP) report, which includes liner reliability data from January to September 2023.

According to analysis, in September 2023, global flight reliability increased by 1.2% month-on-month to 64.4%. Apart from the increase in May, schedule reliability has been within 2% since March 2023.

On an annualized basis, program reliability improved by 19%. The average delayed arrival time of ships was 4.58 days, 0.09 days less than the monthly average. With the decline in the monthly freight ratio, the current average delay in ship arrival has decreased by 1.30 days compared with the same period last year.

Maersk and its subsidiaries were the most reliable shipping lines, with a flight reliability score of 71.3% in September, followed by MSC with a score of 69.8%.

Another six shipping companies, together with MSC, achieved dispatch reliability of 60%-70%. The other four shipping lines have schedule reliability of 50%-60%, with HMM being the only shipping line with a schedule reliability below 50%, at 45.9%.

In September, 10 of the top 14 shipping companies achieved M/M growth in flight reliability scores, with PIL achieving the largest growth of 7.3%. Compared with the same period last year, 13 of the 14 shipping lines achieved double-digit growth, with Hamburg Süd posting the largest growth of 26.8%.

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