LIBITO imported ore project successfully completed


Since its establishment, SPEED has been engaged in shipping from China to West Africa for more than ten years and has rich experience. After the customer had an in-depth understanding of our company, he highly recognized our capabilities and entrusted us to transport a large number of goods from LOBITO, Angola, back to the country by sea.

We not only have mature experience in handling shipping from China to Africa, but also have an office in Angola, which can complete the perfect connection between China and Angola. Guangxi Nanning Rungao Trading Co., Ltd. also chose our company to undertake the LOBITO imported ore project after in-depth communication with us, even though we did little import shipping. We were entrusted to transport 15 million tons of ore from LOBITO back to Lianyungang.

After we received this "special" commission, we immediately began to communicate with colleagues in overseas offices to repay the customer's trust with practical actions. We consulted on import-related precautions, discussed with foreign colleagues, and came up with flexible solutions for specific goods. After showing the solution to the customer, the customer spoke highly of our solution and said that they had not chosen the wrong freight forwarding company.

Because we had made presets in advance, when there was a shortage of containers in LIBITO, our colleagues in Angola immediately arranged for Luanda to pick up the containers offsite. The problem was solved perfectly and time was saved. Finally, the goods were cleared and loaded on the ship on the same day. Customers also praise our ability to resolve emergencies.

Colleagues at home and abroad followed up the ore transportation process in real time, worked closely with customs departments and institutions, and had solutions as a reference. We perfectly handled various difficult problems and helped customers smoothly arrange their arrival at the port.

After the ore arrived at the port, the customer was very happy and said that the import project was completed much more smoothly than he imagined, thanks to us. We are also happy to have completed this import project, which will go down in history, for the first time. The efforts of all our colleagues have been in vain.

The Speed team is composed of experienced experts who are proficient in solving various transportation problems and have strong control over transportation solutions.

We thank Guangxi Nanning Rungao Co., Ltd. for its support and trust, and look forward to more people discovering this pearl of ours.

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