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MSC's large cargo ships install carbon capture and utilization system


Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), the world's largest container shipping company, has designated a large ship to install a Chinese-made carbon capture and utilization system (CCUS).

Alphaliner has revealed that the 23,756 teu MSC Mia may be the vessel installed when it undergoes dry docking in a year's time.

The technology is provided by Zhejiang Energy Marine Environment Technology Company (ZEME), which claims that its system has the potential to capture approximately 40% of ship exhaust carbon emissions. ZEME claims that at a carbon price of $100 per ton, a $9 million investment in one of the systems would take five years to pay for itself。

Alphaliner noted in its latest weekly report: "Small-scale carbon capture equipment has been trialled on feeder ships, but no large container ships have yet installed such devices."

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