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World Congress opens in Nairobi, Rwandan consumers optimistic


More than 300 delegates, including influential leaders from government, business and civil society, gathered in Nairobi, Kenya, to discuss the policies, good practices and issues needed to protect consumers around the world at the 2023 International Consumer Congress. Accountability.

The three-day global conference, which kicks off on Wednesday 6 December, takes place every four years and is a key event for those working to improve consumer lives.

A survey from February to April showed that 48% of African micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) said customers lack trust in online marketplaces and websites.

The theme of the latest event is "Building a Resilient Future for Consumers" and covers four cross-cutting areas: digital future, fair finance, sustainable consumption and strengthening global consumer protection.

Damien Ndizeye, Executive Director of Consumer Advocacy Organization of Rwanda (ADECOR), is optimistic that the conference will provide Rwandan consumers with a platform to network with colleagues from other countries and continue their efforts to advocate for consumption rights.

“We are here to learn from each other and gain more knowledge on how to work with government agencies to strengthen consumer rights protections,” said Ndizeye, who is also a member of the congressional board.

Consumers International Global Conference 2023 is the only international event that brings together leading consumer organizations working to protect consumer rights with governments, business, civil society and academia.

Helena Leurent, Director General of Consumers International, said: “As we move into 2024, climate and post-pandemic crises will continue to harm the planet and people in markets.

“The Global Conference provides a unique opportunity to share a vivid picture of consumer experiences around the world and to develop and act on solutions that make a difference for people.”

The event is the second held in Africa in partnership with the Kenya Competition Authority and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Competition Commission。

Willard Mwemba, Director and CEO of the COMESA Competition Commission, said: “Hosting the Congress in Africa demonstrates the commitment of COMESA and the growing importance of consumer protection and welfare issues on the continent.

“This event lays the foundation for increasing demand among market participants and strengthening competition, achieving a win-win situation for consumers and the economy.”

A joint appeal and new global initiative will be launched to bring together consumer movements, governments and business entities to prevent fraud, deliver better food systems, achieve effective redress and amplify consumer voices in international conversations.

New consumer insights will be released to identify key consumer issues for the coming year, and good practice case studies on practices and business model innovation in the global energy and financial systems will be shared.

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