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Shenzhen Port opens two new routes


Recently, the "Minghang 006" ship, fully loaded with domestic and foreign trade shipping containers, set sail from Xinhui Port and sailed to Yantian Port Area of Shenzhen Port. After arriving at the port, it was transferred to international liner and shipped to major ports around the world.

This marks the successful opening of the barge route from Xinhui Port to Yantian, adding another economical, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient waterway transportation channel for local import and export companies.

According to reports, this route relies on the function of the empty container transportation center in Yantian Port Area to realize the front-loading of supporting services inside and outside the port to the hinterland of cargo sources. Through the model of "water network interoperability, container source sharing, and cargo source complementation", goods can be transported directly to Yantian via waterway , eliminating the complicated process of secondary transfer, significantly reducing the logistics costs of enterprises, and improving the import and export efficiency of foreign trade enterprises.

After the opening of the new route, we will continue to promote the WGO combined port model (Water-Gate Operation, waterway gate operation model) to create a river-sea intermodal transport port to further facilitate customers' export logistics channels and help companies outperform the "acceleration" of foreign trade.

At the same time, a new intra-Asia route was added to the Dachan Bay Port area of Shenzhen Port.

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