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Maersk issued a notice: Suspension of bookings in many places


On January 19, Maersk issued a notice on its official website that due to the extremely unstable situation in the Red Sea and all available intelligence confirming that security risks are still at an extremely high level, it will decide to stop accepting flights to and from Berbera/Hodeida/Aden. (Aden) booking.

At the same time, Maersk also issued an announcement announcing that it would make adjustments to Blue Nile Express and ignore the Red Sea, effective immediately. The modified service rotation is Jebel Ali-Salaleh-Hazira-Nawasheva-Jebel Ali. No impact on carrying capacity is expected.

In addition, Maersk has suspended bookings from Asia/Middle East/Oceania/East Africa/South Africa to Djibouti, effective immediately, and will not accept any new bookings to Djibouti.

Maersk said that for customers who have booked space to and from, it will pay attention to the needs and go all out to ensure that customers' goods can reduce delays and can be safely delivered to their destinations as soon as possible.

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