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ONE "Zhuzhou-Nansha sea-rail combined transport train" opens


For regional transportation services, ONE has also cooperated with business partners to build sea-rail combined transport special trains to bring convenience to logistics and transportation in various inland areas.

On January 16, 2024, ONE and Guangzhou Port Group jointly held the opening ceremony of ONE Ocean Network Shipping's "Zhuzhou-Nansha Sea-rail Combined Transport Special Train" at Nansha Port South Station. ONE East Asia Director Wu Zhongwen and Guangzhou Port Group Deputy General Manager Song Xiao Ming was invited to attend and witnessed ONE's expansion of ONE's footprint into the Chinese inland market through the sea-rail combined transport special train model.

Wu Zhongwen, director of ONE East Asia, said: ONE has always maintained close cooperation with its business partners and is committed to innovating and optimizing services. By developing sea-rail combined transportation, ONE hopes to provide customers with faster, more reliable, and more environmentally friendly service options.

As customers' business develops inland, in order to meet customer needs, ONE is also actively developing domestic inland transportation and expanding inland multimodal transport services, allowing customers to connect to the world through ports across China and contribute to the country's One Belt, One Road construction. .

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