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Shenzhen’s “combination port” adds new routes!


The opening of the "Foshan Nanhai-Shenzhen Yantian" combined port route not only enriches the export logistics methods of enterprises but also reduces logistics costs.

Recently, with the sound of a whistle, the "Zhenyuan 070" ship left Sanshan Port. A batch of 15.39 tons of outdoor furniture produced in Foshan will be transported to Yantian Port via the barge and directly hoisted to international freighters for export overseas.

This marks the official launch of the new logistics model of the "Foshan Nanhai-Shenzhen Yantian" combined port and the official opening of the new route.

It is reported that the "Foshan Nanhai-Shenzhen Yantian" combined port is a "Bay Area combined port" composed of Yantian Port as a hub port and Foshan Inland River Terminal as a feeder port. Cargo is directly allocated through waterways between the hub port and feeder ports to form an organically integrated port network. .

The goods of Foshan's foreign trade enterprises can be directly connected to Yantian's abundant international routes through the combination port and quickly reach all parts of the world. The entire process requires only one customs declaration, one inspection and one release, which greatly saves the time, manpower and logistics costs of import and export enterprises and improves trade facilitation. level.

This model can also effectively avoid the uncertainty of being unable to catch up with the shipping schedule due to traffic congestion in the past land-sea combined transportation process, further improve the planning of enterprise production and improve the accuracy of production resource allocation.

It is reported that the opening of the "Foshan Nanhai-Shenzhen Yantian" combined port route can save 200 to 400 yuan per container by adding water transportation and terminal supporting warehousing services compared with land transportation.

By the end of 2023, Shenzhen Port has opened a total of 36 combined port routes, with an operating volume of more than 600,000 TEUs, achieving full coverage of 9 cities and 5 customs areas in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, creating a new environment for ports and foreign trade import and export enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region. Better development opportunities and business environment.

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