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Port of Durban gets funding to boost infrastructure to ease pressure


The Port of Durban's road infrastructure is under increasing pressure due to a surge in truck traffic, prompting Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) to allocate $12.5 million (R233 million) for roads in the main container handling port area Restoration, including the Container Terminal and Maiden Quay, and the Liquid Bulk Island Scenic Area.

As an important contributor to the South African economy, the Port of Durban handles approximately 60% of the country's total container volume. Most of these containers are transported via the southern road network within the port. However, the inflow of trucks has increased significantly over the years, causing deterioration of the entire road infrastructure.

Nkumbuzi Ben-Mazwi, TNPA Port Manager at the Port of Durban, said: “Starting this road rehabilitation journey will ensure that we fulfill our mandate to provide the port infrastructure to ensure the effective operation of the port as a gateway to the South African economy.

Improving the condition of port roads is expected to have a positive impact on operational efficiency and smoother traffic flow in the target area. Priority will be given to repairing 16 roads in Maiden Quay, followed by three roads in Island View and two roads in Bayhead. In addition to addressing structural deficiencies, the project scope also includes correcting functional issues such as manhole damage due to heavy vehicle traffic and surface drainage issues caused by water inlets.

A traffic management plan was developed to guide the redirection of traffic flow during the two-year execution period of the project.

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