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South Africa's major port is severely congested! Shipping giant warns: delays, queues at terminals exceed 22 days!


In recent months, the increasingly tense situation in the Red Sea has caused many international shipping companies to adjust their route strategies, choosing to abandon the higher-risk Red Sea route and instead choose to bypass the Cape of Good Hope at the southwest tip of the African continent. This change is undoubtedly an unexpected business opportunity for South Africa, an important country along the African route.

However, just as every opportunity is accompanied by challenges, South Africa is also facing unprecedented challenges while embracing this business opportunity. With the rapid increase in the number of ships, the already existing capacity problems at South Africa's ports have become more serious. Insufficient facilities and service levels make South African ports unable to cope with a large number of ships, with serious insufficient capacity and greatly reduced efficiency.

Although container throughput at South Africa's main gateway has improved, unfavorable factors such as crane failures and bad weather are still exacerbating delays at South Africa's ports. These problems not only affect the normal operations of South African ports, but also cause considerable trouble to international shipping companies that choose to bypass the Cape of Good Hope.

Recently, Maersk's official website issued an important warning, updating in detail the latest delays at various ports and terminals in South Africa, and revealing a series of measures taken to alleviate service delays.

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