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Hapag-Lloyd performs best in schedule reliability


According to a recent report by Sea-Intelligence, after a period of uncertainty following the Red Sea crisis, there is a sense of stability in the schedule reliability of ocean shipping lines, especially with the normalization of routes around Africa.

"The average delay for late arrivals of ships also improved to 5.46 days, roughly the same as pre-crisis levels, meaning the increase in delays caused by the crisis has resumed," the Marine Intelligence analyst noted.

According to the report, Hapag-Lloyd was among the top 13 most reliable shipping lines in February with a schedule reliability of 54.9%, with another seven shipping lines having a schedule reliability of over 50% and the remaining shipping lines having a schedule reliability of over 50%. All are between 40%-50%.

PIL ranked last with 45.3%. At the M/M level, flight reliability of seven shipping companies has improved, among which Hapag-Lloyd's flight reliability has improved by 9.7 percentage points. Evergreen recorded the largest M/M decline, at 5 percentage points.

Marine intelligence analysis pointed out: "From a year-on-year perspective, the flight reliability of the 13 shipping companies has not improved."

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