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CMA CGM launches new peak season surcharge from China to Africa


Marseille-based liner company CMA CGM will impose a new peak season surcharge on cargo from China to African destinations in the coming days.

CMA CGM announces peak season surcharges (PSS) for dry containers shipped from northern, central and southern China to Liberia, Senegal, Mauritania, Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde and Sao Tome and Principe USD 1,500 per TEU.

The surcharge for goods from North and Central China will take effect on May 18, while the surcharge for goods from South China will take effect on May 20.

In addition, the shipping company will implement a PSS of $1,250 per TEU for dry cargo from China to Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Benin, Ghana, Togo and Equatorial Guinea.

CMA CGM pointed out that the surcharge will take effect on May 18 for cargo in South China and on May 20 for containers in Central and North China.

In addition, from May 20, the liner operator will implement the same level of PSS (USD 1,250/TEU) for dry cargo from all Chinese ports to Angola, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Namibia, Gabon and Cameroon.

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