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Douala Cameroon's shipping route introduction


Douala Cameroon's shipping route introduction
Douala is located at the mouth of the Douala River in the middle of the west coast of Cameroon (the full name: THE REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON), on the northwest side of the Gulf of Guinea. It is Cameroon’s largest port and one of the shipping centers in West Africa. It is the largest city in Cameroon, with a prosperous economy and developed commerce, and is known as the "economic capital" of Cameroon. Now it is the country's largest industrial and commercial center and transportation hub. The main industries include textiles, wood processing, food, shipbuilding, rubber, cement, chemistry, vehicles, and shipbuilding and repairing. Cameroon is a traditional exporter of West African timber, cocoa, coffee, cotton and bananas. The country's forest area accounts for about 40% of the country's territory. Local residents call it "green gold". The transportation is well developed, to NKON-GSAMBA. The road is connected to the domestic road network and can be connected to neighboring countries Central Africa and Chad. The port is 12km away from the international airport, and there are daily flights to Europe and other places.   The port has a tropical rain forest climate. The annual average temperature is 24~28℃. The foggy season is from November to January of the following year, with an average of six days of fog per month. The annual average rainfall is about 3000mm. Average tide height: high tide is 2.5m, low tide is 0.5m. There are 20 main berths in the port area, with a coastline of 3580m and a maximum water depth of 13m. The loading and unloading equipment includes various shore cranes, gantry cranes, loaders, tugs and ro-ro facilities, among which the maximum power of the tug is 1471kW, and there are oil pipelines with a diameter of 203.2mm for loading and unloading. The warehouse area of the port area is 440,000 square meters, and the water area is 200,000 square meters. Loading and unloading efficiency: 1000 tons of cement are loaded per day, and 700 tons of bananas are loaded per day. In 1992, the container throughput was 82,000 TEU. The main export goods are cocoa, coffee, bananas, cotton, wood and oil, and the main imported goods are machinery and equipment, vehicles and consumer goods. If needed during holidays, assignments can also be arranged after application.
Douala Cameroon is your good choice.

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