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  • Ordinary Discount China Shipping Container, Sea Freight, SPEED® DHL To meet the requirements of individual customers for each bit more perfect service and stable quality products.We work with a select group of carriers on major routes around the world so you can plan and improve efficiency.We offer highly flexible products that allow you to select the delivery speed that best suits your requirements.

  • 1 shipping to Middle East, North Africa and South Africa has a significant price advantage 2. The time limit is guaranteed, the package can be delivered within 3-5 working days after sending SPEED® ARAMEX

  • SPEED maintains long-term good cooperative relations with many airlines, such as SPEED® Thai Airways Internationalobtains the qualification of core package board, package quantity and designated sales agent, and flexibly USES the shipping ports of Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, so that customers can enjoy reasonable cost performance services and diversified choices.Thai Airways International

  • SPEED believes in quality service (SPEED® South African Airways) at very competitive prices. The expertise of handling any shipment regardless of its weight & size & state, effectively & efficiently, is another advantage

  • SPEED is committed to international logistics services, tailor-made logistics solutions for customer enterprises, provide a full range of logistics solutions, the company has been with a number of airlines and shipping companies to maintain good relations of cooperation SPEED® Garuda Indonesia.

  • SPEED is specialized in the import, export and transit transport of goods from China to all over the world by air such as SPEED® Kenya Airways.