According to the notice of the port authority of Sierra Leone, all containers imported into the country will uniformly comply with and implement the requirements of advance manifest information, and provide entry summary number (ENS). The local port authority will decide whether to approve the goods from the port of departure according to the contents of the advance manifest.SPEED® Sierra Leone Freetown FREETOWN ENS

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FREETOWN ENS Applicable scope of ACD / ENS / CTN in Sierra Leone: 

Freetown ENS

The cargo pre declaration policy applies to all imports and exports to Sierra Leone.

Import: all ships from various places to Sierra Leone for unloading since April 1, 2015.

Exports: all ships departing from Sierra Leone from 15 March 2015.

In order to comply with Sierra Leone customs regulations, customers are required to follow the following procedures:

1. Customers need to pre declare goods in advance and obtain entry summary serial number (ENS) for import

2. When the information is submitted, a 13 digit serial number will be generated. The first two digits of the number represent the current year, followed by the country code and a number automatically generated by the system.

Example (for reference only): 15slxxxxxxxx (15 = current year, SL = Sierra Leone, the last 9 bits are automatically generated by the system)

3. The serial number should be shown on the bill of lading, so the customer should fill in the "sample bill of lading" (SI) accurately.

4. This serial number can be used as:

Entry summary serial number (ENS)

Cargo tracking list (CTN)

Goods pre declaration (ACD)

5. From July 20, 2015, Si without this serial number will not be granted, and Si will ask the customer to re apply and provide the serial number.

6. Whether for export or import, the shipping company will issue the cargo manifest 24 hours before the ship leaves the last transit port.

7. In order to comply with the international ship and port facility security code, the cargo manifest will be inspected by TPMS and slpa together



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