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Maersk secures methanol supply for first dual-fuel containership

  DANISH shipping giant Maersk has secured the green methanol  fuel for the maiden voyage of its first dual-fuel containership under  construction in South Korea, reports Ventura, California’s gCaptain.

  Under an agreement, OCI   Global (Euronext: OCI) will supply  Maersk with the ISCC certified green biomethanol for the ship’s  maiden voyage this summer to Northern Europe via the Suez  Canal. The vessel will bunker atseveral major ports along the way,including Rotterdam.

The vessel, currently under construction at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, will be supplied with  ISCC certified green  biomethanol  by OCI Global, a leading green methanol supplier. The ship is set to embark on its maiden voyage
this summer, travelling to Northern  Europe via the Suez Canal and bunkering at major ports along the  way

The 2,100-TEU feeder ship  is the first of 19 carbon-neutral green methanol-powered ships that Maersk has on order. The vessel will  operate on the Baltic. The other 18 dual-fuel ships will be much larger - 16,000 and 17,000 TEUers - with

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