Smooth transportation of large scale equipment and materials in Angola


Back in 2014, one of our most loyal customer-- REAL MIRABILIS - COMÉRCIO GERAL(SU), which is a mega construction and investment group from China, has began the first trail service contract with SPEED.  

At that time, REAL MIRABILIS - COMÉRCIO GERAL(SU participated in several projects under construction in Angola, including substation project in northern region, SK power transmission and transformation project, electrification and household link project in Luanda province, and Saurimo hospital renovation project.

These projects involve a large scale equipment and material transportation requirements with a wide range, such as steel structures, color steel plate, strip steel, galvanized sheets, stoves, plastic particles and aerial cranes.

In order to successfully complete these projects, our client chose SPEED for our rich international transportation experience and professional support team who ensure the safety and delivery of equipment and materials. SPEED was also responsible for the custom clearance in Angola, which enabled the projects to proceed smoothly. Under the safeguard of transportation by SPEED, REAL MIRABILIS - COMÉRCIO GERAL(SU) successfully accomplished above projects in Angola and founded its ACO BOM brand in 2019.

The milestone support experiences with REAL MIRABILIS - COMÉRCIO GERAL(SU) have proved that the professionalism and reliability of international freight forwarding services of SPEED, we always dedicated to offering clients with high quality services.

SPEED team proudly built up by experienced experts with in-depth understanding and expertise in international logistics and transportation. Providing a full range of responsible services, including cargo loading, sea transportation, customs clearance and delivery, we are committed to the safe delivery of goods to the destination in the shortest possible time. Also, we strictly adhere to international transport standards to ensure that goods are not damaged during transportation and are delivered to the destination. Our professional team has extensive experience in the transportation of these special goods and is able to provide a full range of transportation solutions.

We are grateful for the trust and support of REAL MIRABILIS - COMÉRCIO GERAL(SU) and look forward to continuing to provide them with quality freight forwarding services in the future.

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