Efficient and Cost-Effective Solution for Bulk Cargo shipping from China to West Africa


In the realm of global trade, efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions are crucial. When faced with the challenge of transporting a substantial batch of color coated steel coil from Tianjin Port to the port of the Democratic Republic of Congo, our client turned to us for an approach that would save both money and effort. With dimensions of 6 meters in length, 2.5 meters in width, and 2.9 meters in height, totaling a weight of 2000 tons, the cargo's large size and weight required a strategy that would optimize resources without compromising quality.

We evaluated different alternatives and proposed two viable solutions to the customer:

1. Regular Container Shipping: We assessed the option of using 20 feet general purpose containers (20GP) for transporting the cargo. However, due to the weight limitations of containers, each container could only accommodate up to 28 tons. Given the cargo's total weight of 2000 tons, this would require a staggering 72 containers, resulting in substantial costs and inefficiencies.

2. Break Bulk Cargo Shipping: Considering the dimensions and weight of the cargo, we recommended bulk cargo shipping as the most suitable and cost-effective solution. Bulk cargo shipping are designed to transport large quantities of goods, which offers better value for money. With an emphasis on cost-effectiveness and high tonnage capacity, this option presented itself as the ideal solution.

After presenting these two options to the customer and comparing the transportation costs, our proposed solution was highly favoured. The customer arranged to transport the goods to the terminal, and the terminal professionally fastened and secured the goods. With our efficient handling and expertise, the shipment successfully arrived at the port of Kinshasa in just over two months.

Efficient and cost-effective solutions are paramount in the world of logistics. By offering a bulk cargo shipping solution that maximized efficiency and minimized expenses, we ensured the smooth transportation of the oversized steel cargo. Our commitment to innovative solutions, client collaboration, and professional execution allowed us to successfully navigate the challenges of transporting substantial cargo while exceeding our client's expectations.

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