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Nine incentives in Rwanda’s proposed start-up bill


Rwanda may soon join a number of African countries enacting a start-up bill that the government hopes will stimulate the development of the country's technology services industry.

To enable this development, the government hired the Policy Innovation Foundation (i4Policy), which has been at the heart of the development of other start-ups such as Tunisia and Senegal.

The Startup Act is the legal framework that requires the participation of all industry stakeholders in the startup cycle. In terms of benefits, the legislation incentivizes all parties involved in the startup life cycle, including investors, entrepreneurs and the startups themselves.

Other incentives include licensing, liquidation and taxation.

Rwanda’s tech sector has been growing steadily, from becoming the first country in the world to use tiny drones to transport blood and build broadband infrastructure, to attracting leading players such as Swedish co-working space and investment fund Norrsken Foundation.

Deliberate efforts to promote information and communications technology and other entrepreneurial initiatives have put Rwanda on a positive trajectory that is recognized internationally.

This provides greater access to credit and attracts investment.

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