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Two terminals invested and built by Guangzhou Port Group have opened


On September 28, the Guangdong Foshan Gaohe Port Terminal and Guangzhou Yunfu International Logistics Port invested and constructed by Guangzhou Port Group officially opened. It will play an active role in promoting in-depth cooperation and integrated development among cities in the Greater Bay Area, and jointly building high-level industrial and logistics chains that connect internally and externally.

The opening of Foshan Gaohe Port Terminal marks that Guangzhou Port Group’s logistics network layout in the Greater Bay Area has entered a new stage. "Next, Guangzhou Port will continue to play its role as an international shipping hub and a leading regional port, better realize the interconnection between Guangzhou Nansha Port and Foshan Gaohe Port, and provide our customers with a more economical, more convenient and more diversified port. services to better promote the in-depth cooperation and integrated development of cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area," said Huang Bo, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of Guangzhou Port Group Co., Ltd., and Song Xiaoming, deputy general manager.

During the port opening event, Guangzhou Yunfu International Logistics Port signed a business cooperation framework agreement with COSCO Shipping Container Company, Wen's Food Group Co., Ltd., and Guangdong Jinshenglan Metallurgical Technology Company. All parties will establish an all-round strategic partnership and give full play to Guangzhou Yunfu International The logistics port has location advantages, port functional service resources, extends the business chain, and better serves the local economy.

In recent years, Guangzhou Port has closely focused on the primary task of high-quality development, accelerated the construction of a world-class port, enhanced the function of a domestic and international double-loop hub, built a large port and a large logistics system, formed a large hub and channel for international shipping and logistics, and effectively played the role of the port. It plays a strategic, fundamental and leading role in economic development. At the same time, in order to better serve regional economic and social development, Guangzhou Port Group actively responds to the regional coordinated development strategy of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, gives full play to the radiating and leading role of the port, connects and integrates the port cluster in the Greater Bay Area, and actively participates in the eastern, western and northern Guangdong regions Port construction and operation in key cities, together with Guangdong Port, play a core role in maintaining the stability of the global industrial chain and supply chain.

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