Bulk cargo shipping went smoothly in tight schedule by the eve before Chinese national holiday


At the end of September, as the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are approaching, export freight volume increases, resulting in tight existing transportation capacity. At this time, a regular customer who had cooperated with Speed for sea freight arrangement from china to west African ports for many years approached us and entrusted us to transport a batch of plates by bulk container to the port of LUANDA in Angola.

Based on the trust of many years of cooperation with us, customers are very aware of our advantages in bulk cargo transportation and West African route transportation. After full communication, he was very relieved to choose Speed to transport a total of 700 cubic meters of panels 5.5 meters long, 3.5 meters wide and 3 meters high to Luanda during such a special time period.

Upon receiving this commission, we immediately started researching solutions. Because the time is special, and with more than ten years of work experience, we have preset various situations such as cabin explosion and trailer tension, and have formulated detailed solutions and backup plans for each situation.

After showing our solution to the client, the client highly appreciated our solution. And together with the time point of customs clearance and shipment departure, they discussed with us to make a reasonable and tight transport plan.

Delivery, port collection, customs clearance, smooth release, we carried out each step in an orderly manner, and timely and effective communication with customers .In the end, it only took us 5 days to complete all the processes, so that this batch of plate cargo started to be transported by bulk container before the festival.

After the customer learn that the shipment started to be transported, he expressed his great happiness. He couldn't help feeling that every time he cooperated with Speed, he could complete the transport task very smoothly, which was a full affirmation of our ability.

The Speed team is made up of experienced specialists who are very good at controlling all kinds of special time periods and are committed to solving problems efficiently and providing the most suitable transport solutions.

We also thank our regular customers for their trust and support and look forward to providing them with quality freight forwarding services in the future.

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