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China Europe Train DDP Brings More Opportunities For One Belt And One Road


China Europe train DDP brings more opportunities for "one belt and one road"


Convenient transportation is the key to the development of any country or region. After 40 years of reform and opening up, China has made remarkable achievements, and its fruitful achievements are benefiting the world. The world is also sharing the dividend of China's rapid development through the three-dimensional transportation network of land, sea and air. Clinging to the camel bell, the ancient Silk Road was once brilliant, and today's "steel camel" Central Europe, in the sound of the whistle, continues to write the "one belt along the road" business prosperity and friendship between the people. It also brings more opportunities for the "along the way" along the country and region.


Railway, as a land transportation vehicle, has the characteristics of safety, large volume and little influence by environment and climate. At the same time, railway has the characteristics of green environmental protection, which has a very positive significance for the sustainable development of regional economy. Therefore, the operation of the Central European Banquet is very in line with the characteristics of environment and climate in Central Europe and Central Asia, and its transportation cost is only 1/4 of air transportation, which saves about 2/3 of the time compared with sea transportation. From the comprehensive comparison of time cost and logistics cost, the performance ratio between China and Europe is still relatively high. Therefore, since the start of 2011, China and Europe have been more and more welcomed by the people and countries along the belt. The total number of open lines has increased by more than 12000. Among them, the total number of opening lines has exceeded 6300, of which 6300 have been opened in 2018, up by 72% over the same period. Classes reached 2690, up 111% year-on-year. The scope of operation is expanding continuously. There are 56 domestic cities with access to 49 cities in 15 European countries.

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