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Index and calculation method of sea freight freight

1. Liner freight
(1) Related terms: 1. Basic rate (BASIC RATE) refers to the basic freight charged for each charge unit (such as a freight ton). The basic rates are divided into grade rates, commodity rates, ad valorem rates, special rates and uniform rates. Sea freight is composed of two parts: basic freight and surcharges.

2. Surcharges (SURCHARGES): In order to maintain the stability of the basic rate during the fixed period, and to accurately reflect the shipping cost of various goods in each port, the liner company stipulates various fees in addition to the basic rate. .

Mainly include: (1) Fuel surcharge: added when the fuel price suddenly rises. (2) Currency depreciation surcharge: when the currency is depreciated, the ship owner will charge a certain percentage of the basic freight rate for the actual income not to decrease. Additional fee. (3) Transshipment surcharge: All goods transported to a non-basic port need to be transshipped to the destination port. The surcharge charged by the ship includes transhipment fee and two-way freight. (4) Direct voyage surcharge: When the cargo is transported to a non-basic port reaches a certain volume, the shipping company can arrange direct voyage to the port without transshipment.

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