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The basic classification and handover method of LCL


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LCL Basic classification:
LCL can be divided into direct consolidation or transfer consolidation. Direct consolidation means that the goods in the LCL containers are loaded and unloaded at the same port without unpacking before the goods arrive at the destination port, that is, the goods are in the same unloading port. This type of LCL service has a short shipping period and is convenient and fast. Generally, powerful LCL companies will provide such services. Transshipment refers to goods that are not in the same port of destination and need to be unloaded or transshipped in the middle. Due to factors such as different destination ports and long waiting time for this kind of goods, the shipping period is longer, and the freight is even higher.
Container LCL Transportation Handover Mode
Door to Door;
Door to CFS;
Door to CY (Door to CY);
CFS to Door;
Container freight station to container freight station (CFS to CFS);
Container freight station to container yard (CFS to CY);
Container Yard to Door (CY to Door);
Container Yard to Container Freight Station (CY to CFS);
Container yard to container yard (CY to CY).
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